Charging Set Navy holder Charging Cord 1.2m usb

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It is a set of cigar socket charging cord set. If you want to use it at home, please use the 2A power cord microUSB charging cable or the power cord attached to the ICOS.
Holder body size: 77 W x 90 H x 60 D (mm)
Holder weight: 90 g
Holder indicator lights up: Green light (standby) → flashing red (charging) → green lit (when fully charged)
Input voltage: 12 VDC / 24 V minus earth car
Output voltage: DC 5 V
Output current: 2.4 A (2400 mA)
Operating temperature range: 0 to 35 ° C
Cord length: about 120 cm
Accessory: double-sided tape / instruction manual and warranty card (6 months from purchase warranty period)
* When connecting the power cord to a set other than the charging holder, it corresponds to most microUSB charger such as iPhone, but depending on the model it may not correspond. Please judge the details at Kashimura manufacturer site.
※ A flat space of 57 mm × 74 mm is required for attaching the charging holder.
※ In order to connect the microUSB connector inside the pedestal and the pocket charger, when pushing in, it needs to be squeezed slightly. Similarly when removing, please install somewhat force to remove it, so place it where the double-sided tape firmly adheres.
※ You can not use if you use an ICOS case or cover.
※ This product is a set of body color white and DC power cord.